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"A New Day"


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 "A New Day" was formed when a tragedy occurred in one of our families and a loved one was placed in a nursing and rehabilitation facility for a very long period of time.  While observing day to day life in these establishments, it became apparent that many of the folks in these facilities needed more than the occasional visits.  Care facilities provide very good social programs for these folks on a day to day basis, but we thought there could be more.


We asked ourselves what we could do for them and the answer was to form "A New Day".  The idea was to be totally a-cappella, which makes us mobile and able to sing anywhere.  If there is a patient who can't get out of their room, we will bring the music to them. 


It's a pleasure to give back to the community in a way that's not only fun for them, but for us as well!  Seeing the smiles on their faces and having them sing along when they recognize a tune is reward enough.  We try to stay a little while and visit with all who attended the concert.


Our Mission is to provide concerts at no charge to anyone who would like our services.


Many of the members of the ensemble are current or past members of "Sno-King Community Chorale", located in Edmonds, WA.  We have had the privilege to work with many talented individuals in this group.


The Chorale's conductor, Frank DeMiero, is one of the great vocal music directors in the country.  Frank has been instrumental in teaching us techniques, styling and phrasing which are essential in making music fun and interesting to listen to.  Without this instruction, we wouldn't be able to venture out and organize this type of group.


Members of "A New Day" would like to encourage the community to support the chorale and all local arts organizations in the area.  Without you, they wouldn't exist!  Please visit "Sno-King Community Chorale's website at:  sno-kingchorale.org








Diane Jackson


Nannette Howard


Breta McGrady


Colleen Johnsen


Nora Bell


Art Jackson


Mark Sanders


Chris Johnsen


Keith Johnsen



Ross Dimmick


Randy Johnson


Sound Engineer

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